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We are glad you have found your way to this website. We hope you have enjoyed your visit to M.A. Photography. 

Many have asked for the social media handles of M.A. Photography. However, M.A. Photography no longer has social media handles.

WHY? This is very simple. Our clients are private citizens and we have found in the past that images have been stolen and used around the world. These photos are first and foremost owned by M.A. Photography and usage rights are released to our private clients. Since the world we live in has nearly zero respect for privacy and our clients, we have chosen to not post any images on social media. This gives us better control of privacy and image content. 

As a client of M.A. Photography, you are welcomed to post images of you and your family on your personal (non-corporate) social pages. If images get stolen and illegally used in any manner, we would be happy to discuss what options you have in order to take action against such parties that choose to steal images from social media post. However, just know that we will not post images on any social media services. 

We hope this helps you understand our position. 

All the best,

M.A. Photography Management.